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FAVOURITE-PICTURE-OF-QUEENIE-arthur-and-gwen-31523386-500-600Angel is the epitome of grace, with the hurtful, rude, insecure, jealous, disrespectful, childish comments and blogs about her, she does not allow fandom to define who she is, her public persona is one of beauty, she smiles, is courteous, she gives herself (meaning photos & autographs to fans) and is gracious, and yeah just that one time a little sassy, it is unfortunate and sad that some people in the Merlin fandom are blinded by their insecurities and ideals, for a woman who hasn’t had many interviews, and isn’t in every episode she certainly is POWERFUL to be on the mind of those who talk about her both negatively and positively, how brilliant is that and all she has to do is be.

Angel is an intelligent, strong, beautiful, confident woman and I for one am proud of her and her achievements.